Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating, also known as Solar Thermal, can take the form of 2 types of panels:

  • Evacuated Tubes
  • Flat Plates

Solar Thermal provides up to 60% of a typical Ireland or UK’s household’s hot water needs and is a good renewable energy solution in houses where there is a higher than normal hot water requirement. We use Roth products, and design bespoke solar systems to suit site location and installation
considerations. Solar panels are at their maximum efficiency when they are mounted on unobstructed south facing roofs at an angle of 30-50 degrees.

Roth, our supplier, supply the complete components from the panels right through to the pumping station and control module, to enable a cohesive and properly commissioned system. The Roth Heliostar modules are available in 2m2 and 2.5m2 and can be mounted “in-roof” or “on roof”. The in roof panels are very unobtrusive as can be seen below.

Below is a clip showing you the different modules being installed.

Roth Heliostar Solar thermal panels have the following characteristics:

· Quality case

· High-performance absorber

· Stability and lightweight design

· Optimal insulation

· Safety glass

· Simple to install

· Flexible usage

· 10-year Roth system guarantee

Made of a closed polycarbonate case construction, the Roth Heliostar® flat plate collector unites high-tech material and sophisticated technology. Polycarbonate is a perfect insulator, so the thick-walled polycarbonate case of the Roth Heliostar® ensures optimal heat storage. When used in combination with the high-performance absorber, the Roth Heliostar ensures maximum effectiveness for decades.

On a typical south facing roof with a 40o pitch, a 5m2 solar system will generate approximately 2,000kwh of energy per annum. The sizing of a solar system is critical to the long term performance of the system as oversizing the collectors could lead to stagnation issues in the summer months and cause long term damage to the system. Stagnation is caused by the hot water cylinder getting up to temperature very early in the day due to lack of use of hot water causing the panels to build up heat very quickly. In some instances the panels can peak at temperatures of 160o C. To protect the system there will be a 6 bar pressure safety valve to allow the system to discharge pressure into a solar container drum which can be re-pumped back into the system when it cools down.

Click here to view the Roth Heliostar Brochure.

Contact us for more information on Solar Water Heating and we will provide you with professional advice on the merits of installing this technology.

Cost Considerations

Even in the winter months the solar system can take the chill out of the water which means the backup heat source has less work to do to bring the water up to the required temperature. It increases the lifespan of a heat pump when integrated as part of a renewable energy system. The compressor in a heat pump will operate at a higher revs per minute and the efficiency will be lower when heating domestic hot water. Having the solar thermal system providing the hot water for the best part of the year will no doubt improve the lifespan of the compressor in the heat pump, as you would more than likely have a situation where the heat pump could be sitting idle from March/ April through to September/ October on an annual basis.