Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Air tightness and Ventilation are critical components of a low energy, modern home.

Heat Recovery Ventilation prevents heat loss as it reduces the need to open windows or install noisy extractor fans. The system works by extracting warm, moist air from bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens via a system of ducting which passes through the heat exchanger (usually in the loft space) before being expelled outside. Fresh incoming air is preheated via the exchanger and ducted inside into the habitable rooms in the house such as Bedrooms, Living Rooms etc.

At Daly we design and install the Hybalans Ducting System which provides the supply as well as the discharge of ventilating air with the highest possible energy saving and maximum convenience. It consists of 2 No. Manifolds - 1 x Supply & 1 x Extract and the ducting is 92mm Semi Rigid Plastic which runs to each individual room. The main advantage of this system is that it is very easy to balance. The air quantities per air valve are simply centrally adjusted in the air distribution boxes. Adjustment of the air valves is unnecessary. Due to low resistance losses the working point and fan motor rpm of the HRV unit are reduced. This creates an extra reduction of the system noise. For further information on the Hybalans Ducting System, please click on the following link.

We prefer to have the MHRV unit and Manifolds in a heated space where possible as this increases the overall efficiency of the System.

The choice of MHRV unit will be carefully selected by Daly to ensure that the operating capacity of the System is in or around 50% where possible.

Please click here to view the data sheet on the Vents System that we use. Here is the data sheet for the larger 900 Unit.

Please click here to view the data sheet on the Aerauliqa QR400 System.

Please click here to view the data sheet on the Aerauliqa QR550 System.

Demand Control Ventilation

Here you can view the the brochure for the Renson Healthbox DCV system that we offer. This is a different ventilation concept to MHRV. Here is a short video on how it works.

There are several key benefits of using the Healthbox to ventilate your home.

  • Very low running costs. Because it’s demand controlled it runs on low/ trickle mode. When the indoor air quality (IAQ) deteriorates the system increases the air flow to compensate
  • It’s automatic. Using motorised valves with built in CO2, H20 and VOC sensors, it adjusts the air flow in the wet areas on a room by room basis
  • There are no filters to replace, therefore very little maintenance is required
  • Easy to install. Duct runs only needed to the extract areas.
  • They can be installed in warm/ cold spaces and can be mounted on the floor/ wall/ ceiling
  • Cookerhood can be connected. No need for separate exhaust to atmosphere from Kitchen
  • A wireless Touch screen display with built in CO2 sensor
  • Customisable programs let you choose from up to 6 different running modes.
  • Both the Healthbox and our duct system is SAP Appendix Q Approved

Contact us for more information on Demand Control Ventilation.

Cost Considerations

Heat Recovery is an additional comfort and energy efficient measure. It is not essential and there are no grants for it, but it is highly advised as it promotes a healthy living environment and reduces pressure on your heat pump thereby increasing its efficiency and lifespan.