Solar Thermal

QUB - Sports playing fields


Daly Renewable Energy Systems installed

  • 12 Flat Plate Solar Collectors
  • High Temperature Mapress Copper Pipework System
  • 1500L Stainless Steel Pre-Heat Vessel
  • Solar Pumping Station
  • Control & Expansion Vessels

Problem to be solved

To come up with a solution to provide cheap and unlimited hot water at the new playing field facilities at Queens University Belfast. Without sufficient roof space at the correct angle and south facing aspect for the capacity required, another solution was necessary.


302 metres of Solar Flat Plate Collectors supplied, installed and commissioned.

The full story

The Queens University Belfast (QUB) playing fields caters for a number of different field sports and a multitude of teams within each sport, so as you can imagine there is a high demand for unlimited hot water.

We installed and commissioned 30²m of Solar Flat Plate Collectors to provide hot water for the new playing facilities.

This involved mounting 12 panels on a purpose built frame on a flat roof overlooking playing pitches.

We also supplied and fitted Copper Mapress Pipe work from roof level to connect to a 1500L pre-heat vessel in the boiler house.

This meant that the incoming mains water is pre-heated by the solar panels, significantly reducing the load on its gas-fired water heaters.

The QUB sports facility has not only reaped the cost benefits in the reducing its utility bills, but it has also made a positive impact on its carbon emissions which is a key objective in the University’s Carbon Management Plan.