About Hitachi

As a global leader in engineering solutions, Hitachi has been at the forefront of developing innovative products to meet with the ever demanding world in which we live.

Founded in 1910, Hitachi has gone from repairing 5hp electrical motors to having a diverse product range to include rail, power and building efficiency solutions.

With over 324,000 employees, 900 business units and over 20,000 technology products, Hitachi has established themselves as pioneers and market leaders in home energy solutions.

Their range of innovative heating and cooling products for home, commercial and industrial applications are engineered for seasonal efficiency.

Equipped with a range of energy saving features, there’s a solution for every situation, along with a generous warranty which stays with the equipment.

Hitachi Product Range

Hitachi’s expanded Yutaki air source heat pump product range is one of the widest on the market and includes a total of 70 models which are more compact for small installation spaces and are lighter weight for easier handling.

The Yutaki range comprises four models;

  • Yutaki-S (Split),
  • Yutaki-S80 (High Temperature),
  • Yutaki-M (Monobloc)
  • and the new all-in-one Yutaki-S Combi. Hitachi’s innovative Yutaki-S Combi integrated solution has been designed specifically for the UK and Irish markets. The indoor unit is pre-plumbed and pre-wired, making the installation simpler with less internal space required.

Please click here to view the Hitachi Yutaki M Heat Pump Brochure, here for the Yutaki S Brochure, and here for the Yutaki S Combi Brochure.

Will my Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump come with a Warranty?

Due to our long standing relationship with Hitachi, Daly Renewables are delighted to be able to offer our clients a 7 year warranty when we supply and install a Hitachi Heat Pump for their project.

Hitachi Yutaki Air Source Heat Pump

Launched in August 2016, the new Yutaki air to water heat pump range from Hitachi combines outstanding energy efficiency, low sound levels and easy to use thermostatic control.

Hitachi Seasonal Performance Factors (SPF)

Performances have also been improved, with higher COPs (Coefficent Of Performance), better seasonal efficiencies and higher capacities. All Yutaki models can be supplied with a new Cooling Kit accessory to enable both heating and cooling modes.

Single menu for all Hitachi Yutaki models

A new multi-function wired remote control is common to all models – meaning a single menu for all Yutaki products with a dedicated installer view, wizard start up configuration and a more intuitive menu for quick and simple commissioning.

All Hitachi’s Yutaki air source heat pumps are MCS approved, eligible for the domestic and non-domestic RHI in the UK, compliant with Part L in the UK and Ireland, and ErP approved.

As with every supplier Daly works with, each project is designed to suit the needs, wants and budget of the client. Daly is a fully accredited supplier of Hitachi.

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