Ecoforest has a history of being innovative being the inventor of the pellet boiler. Ecoforest has evolved to be the market leader with the widest range of air, water and ducted air heaters within the industry. It continues to uphold its tradition of innovation with a highly active research and development department.

With a shared ethos, Daly has built a strong relationship with Ecoforest over the last number of years, undergoing extensive training at the Ecoforest manufacturing plant, to ensure the highest installation standards. Daly has successfully supplied and installed Ecoforest heat pumps since 2014, with very impressive results.

In June 2016 we revisited the Ecoforest Headquarters to bring us up to date on their new impressive product line. In the next few months we look forward to welcoming a remote monitoring/diagnostic facility on all of their heat pumps which will bring our maintenance support to another level. They are also working on a control system for the heat pump to match the exact output from your Solar PV System to ensure the heat pump only uses energy provided by the Sun, meaning 100% free heating and hot water will soon be possible. We remain committed to being at the forefront of product launches in the Renewables Sector which in turn increases the level of service we can offer you. Here is an introductory Catalogue of what Ecoforest can provide for your project.

Click here to view the Ecoforest Heat Pump Brochure for the EcoGeo Basic 3-12kW (pictured below). You can view the larger 5-22kW Heat Pump Brochure here.

Ecoforest also offer a compact Heat Pump. Compact design includes brine and production circulation pumps and expansion vessels of 8 and 12 liters in brine and production circuits respectively. Again, these come in a 3-12kW Unit, and a 5-22kW Unit.

The Copeland Inverter within these heat pumps won the award for the best technology in New York AHR Expo in 2014. You can read more about this by clicking here.

We have put together a list of USP’s that Ecoforest offer to our Clients. To view these, simply click here.

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