Renewable Energy Systems

At Daly we're different.

An Engineer led approach to the design, installation and commissioning of heating and renewable energy systems for modern day living

Daly Renewable Energy Systems is an engineer-led company committed to designing low energy effcient renewable energy systems for homes, businesses, public and social amenities.

We combine renewable technologies, designing bespoke systems to meet the needs of our clients and their particular project.

Daly is accredited and associated with all the major renewable energy bodies, including MCS, RECC, and the Ground Source Heat Pump association.

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Technologies we trust.

Daly designs bespoke Renewable Energy Systems and manages the full process of installing, commissioning and maintaining to ensure optimum performance of every system.

Daly hand picks the suppliers it works with and has secured the accreditation of the European market leaders in renewable technologies. We have trained with all the manufacturers we work with and know their products inside out.

Commercial & Residential

Daly designs bespoke renewable energy systems for both the commercial and residential sectors across Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. We manage the full process of installing, commissioning and providing ongoing maintenance. This means our clients have a single point of responsibility for their complete renewable energy system.


"Ryan’s knowledge, experience and competency was paramount in us ultimately choosing to go with a renewable energy system and awarding the contract to Daly. We had the right set of conditions, in terms of site and soil characteristics to go with a ground source heat pump and underfloor heating"

Tony, Gilford, Co Armagh

"Ryan (Daly) made the transition to the ground source heat pump and underfloor heating system easy. He programmed the system to suit our usage patterns and we literally forget about everything. We wake up and the water is hot and the house is always feels comfortable. It is a different type of heat than we are used to but we don’t even think about it. We always used to run out of hot water, so it feels like a complete luxury now – especially as the cost is negligible."

Victoria, Saintfield, Co

"Excellent run business with a great support team always there to help."

Mark, Monaghan

"Daly has proved to be very customer-focused and have made every effort to provide me with a good system"

Maurice, Maguiresbridge, Fermanagh

"Professional, competent, efficient and reliable company. I engaged with Daly Renewables at foundation stage in my build in order to ensure the all equipment was installed at the correct stages. It is now running a year and am very happy with the heat pump and MHRV system."

Barry Sherry, Monaghan

"Ryan and his team are always very helpful. The standard of workmanship has been excellent."

Richard, Coleraine

"Very professional and reliable company - a pleasure to do business with"

Robert, Moira

"Met Ryan for a job I was looking done and was very impressed with his knowledge of underfloor heating and solar water heating and panels. His cost effective design has saved me over £600 this year so far."

Martin, Bangor

We had received some direct sales calls from companies offering very lucrative incentives for installing Solar PV Panels and these were followed up with one particular company calling to survey the house.
They focused primarily on the financial benefits of the system and the technical aspect of whether the site was suitable for a PV System was virtually neglected. We knew Ryan had been involved in Renewables for some time and we asked him to come out and offer his opinion. He immediately advised that a Solar PV System would not be suitable for our property due to (a) the design of the roof (b) the orientation of the roof and (c) due to significant shading issues from the nearby trees in the public park next to us.
We could sense straight off from Ryan that he would not be willing to propose a system which would not perform to its maximum efficiency and we really appreciated his engineering expertise and honest opinion. He did advise us to upgrade our heating controls to smart heating controls as we are away from home fairly often and he also advised linking the combi boiler into the existing shower in our main Bathroom, instead of using an Electrical Shower, which can be costly to run. Overall we were very impressed with his diligent nature and with the attention to detail and speedy service offered by his company and if we were to build a new home from the outset, we would definitely involve him at an early stage.

William Craigie, Falkirk, Scotland